So why the lack of posts?

Somewhat belatedly I thought it would be a good idea to explain why I have not posted to this blog for many months.

Since June 2012 I have been “distracted” with bladder cancer and the removal of a tumour on my pancreas.  The good news is that the pancreatic tumour (IPMN type for those with medical knowledge) was found to be pre-malignant and my bladder cancer is currently in remission.  The operation to remove the pancreatic tumour along with part of my pancreas, my spleen and my gall bladder was quite a “big” one. I am recovering my fitness and mobility slowly but surely and am on track for a return to the workplace in January 2013.

So depending on your point of view the good new or the bad news is that I intend to restart posting to my blog in December. I’m not sure how many readers I have left after such a long period of silence but to all that might be out there, thank you.

21 thoughts on “So why the lack of posts?

  1. David,
    Thanks for sharing as always and for sharing the bad, the good and better news. I wish you will enjoy some very happy months of rest before going back to work!
    All the best,

  2. Hi David,
    I had wondered about you being so quiet online. Extremely pleased to hear you are on the mend and will be living life to the full in 2013 and beyond. It takes something like you have been through to make you realise how precious life is and so subsequently make the most of it. In my case it was a heart attack a year back. Well done on the recovery David.

    • Hi Colin, yes pleased to get the pancreatic one resolved and am feeling positive about the bladder one. Keen to start seeing less of hospitals and getting back to some decent cycle touring too!

  3. David – I am really sorry to hear what you have been through and I hope your recovery continues. I hope we can catch up in 2013! Best wishes. Andrew

  4. David, absolutely gutted to hear your news but hope you are well on the way to a full recovery. Very, very best wishes.

    Mike B

  5. Sorry to hear that David – I did hear a whisper at work – but it was all very quiet, so I waited to hear the truth. Very sorry to hear it is true, but you sound as though you are on top of everything & being positive, which I believe is at least half the battle. Good luck for the next stage & I look forward to reading your insightful take on the world, in due course…

  6. Just read your blog, just after sending you a note asking how you were! It goes without saying please ignore the note. I’m really shocked to hear your news but really glad you are recovering your fitness and mobility after all the treatments. Its great that you are blogging and tweeting again – always such good content. Take care and I hope we stay in touch better in 2013. Ian

  7. Hi David, I’ve just spotted your post and wanted to wish you well. I’m so sorry to here you’ve been through the mill, I hope 2013 brings a swift recovery and sees you back in the saddle in no time. Best wishes, Vicky

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